Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, Director

Lily Nguyen, Associate Director

NKO Rey, Art Direction

Casey Curran, Set Design

Melissa Henry, Dramaturg 

Mallery Avidon, Dramaturg

Robinick Fernandez, Costume Designer

Anna Conn, Associate Costume Designer

Brian Lawlor, Composer/Musician

Daniel Salo, Composer/Musician

Garek Jon Druss, Composer/Musician

Jessie Smith, Choreographer/Dancer

Jim Kent, Dancer

Calie Swedberg, Dancer

Matt Drews, Dancer

Tom Chapel, Actor

Darren Dewse, Actor

Alan Sutherland, Actor

Douglas Ridings, Actor

Kate Ryan, Actor/Director of Communications 

Carl Lawrence, Actor/Company Manager

Sara Edwards, Production Manager and Stage Manager

Sierra Stinson, Artistic Director and Manager of Ancillary Performances and Exhibitions


Implied Violence
Trench Art Records
The Frye Art Museum
Lawrimore Project
Mighty Tieton
Northwest Film Forum
On The Boards
The Shunpike
The Stranger
The Watermill Center


Casey Curran
Daniel Salo
Anna Telcs
Garek Druss
Jessie Smith
Olivier Wevers
Dan Hawkins
Steven Miller
Teeth Performance