Site Currently Under Construction.

Saint Genet is excited to announce the premiere of two new work in 2016.

March of 2016 Saint Genet will open “Who With Their Fear Is Put Beside Their Part” a large scale environmental installation opening at Kunsthalle Krems. “Who With Their Fear Is Put Beside Their Part” is a collaboration between Director Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, Light Sculptor Ben Zamora, and Visual Artist Casey Curran.

Saint Genet will ALSO premier a new operatic work “Frail Affinities” inside of the installation “Who With Their Fear is Put Beside Their Part” at donaufestival 2016.

These two works mark the beginning of a series of epic pieces created by Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell and Saint Genet. We have exciting news we aren’t allowed to talk about just yet soooooo…. please check back in for a more updates, about shows, books, installations, and a new web-site soon.

If you would like to support Saint Genet complete these epic endeavors a tax-deductible donation can be made through our 501(c)3 umbrella The Shunpike

Yours Ever,

Saint Genet