Krems, Austria


FRI 29/4 18:30-21:00
SAT 30/4 17:00-19:30
SUN 01/5 14:30-17:00

THU 05/5 14:30-17:00
FRI 06/5 18:30-21:00
SAT 07/5 17:30-20:00

This April, Saint Genet premieres a new interdisciplinary performance at donaufestival in Krems Austria.  Using large scale, innovative environmental installation, image-based opera, body-based performance and dance, we explore the tragedy of the Donner Party as poetic metaphor of the human capacity to endure through the greatest imaginable hardships. Engaging with themes of procession, exhaustion, ecstatic states, starvation, and duration, we expose both the true beauty found within the smallest moments of existence, and also the unimaginable horror of a human having to accept powerlessness in the face of beautiful and unstoppable nature.

Director: Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell
Performer: Darren Dewse, Ezra Dickinson, Matt Drews, Sara Edwards, Ethan Folk, Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, MKNZ, Lily Nguyen, NKO,
Musiker: Brian Lawlor (Piano/Synthisizer), D. Salo (Piano/Synthisizer), Emily Stewart (Violine), Judith Reiter (Viola), Julia Pichler (Violine), Lukas Lauermann (Cello)
Komposition: Brian Lawlor, D. Salo
Choreografie: Matt Drews
Kostüm & Maske: Robinick Fernandez
Assistenz: Jordan Christianson
Video: Alexander Nowak
Lichtdesign: John Torres
Sounddesign: Ryan Kelly
Soundregie: Lily Nguyen
Technische Betreuung Installation: NKO
Dramaturgie: Melissa Henry
Company Manager: Sara Edwards

This engagement is supported by Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation through USArtists International in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.